Digital products researched, designed and tested by London based UX Designer Daniel Abbott.

I'm a UX designer with 2+ years experience in UX and 13 years in digital


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Qualifications and experience

Current focus

"Since making a transition from digital project management to UX, I have introduced UX practice to the agency. I conduct user research, prototype solutions and run usability testing while educating clients and selling UX deliverables."


Recent projects

Membership website for engineers with CRM integration

A website for training, knowledge and event booking for engineers. User research, client workshops, documentation, wireframing and prototyping.

Luxury jewellery brand UX/UI project

Bear Brooksbank is a London based fine jewellery brand. I created wireframes in Sketch and prototypes using Marvel. User feedback informed iterations. The prototype was integral to the project when describing the structure of the site to the developer.

Heuristic analysis of ticket booking user journey

Following Jakob Nielsen's 10 Usability Heuristics User Interface Design to analyse an existing ticket booking user journey.




+ User research

User research is something I really enjoy. I want to know all about what makes users tick and be able to justify design decisons based on what has been learned throughout the course of the project (while balancing with business goals of course!)


I have experience of using Google Analytics and Hotjar to present key findings to client, shape design decisions and form assumptions.

Personas and scenarios

Personas and scenarios can be useful deliverables and as a designer it's a good way to put myself in the shoes of the user and present ideas to clients or stakeholders.

Content planning

Content is king! Let's get content decided early and build a product around it.

+ Prototyping

Information Architecture

Check out some of my Information Architecture case studies Information Architecture


Give me a whiteboard or a sketchbook and a Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V7!


For wireframing I use Sketch.


For prototyping I use a Sketch > Invision workflow.

UI/Visual design

I work in Sketch for UI design but also have skills in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

+ Usability testing

I mostly test via video conference or inperson with InVision prototypes or interactive sitemaps. I have also conducted usability tests in a lab environment.