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The challenge

The brief was to digitise a huge directory for the packaging and processing machinery industry.

The association was in need of a new website, much of which consisted of straightforward content pages but the biggest design challenge was in making the directory cater for various user journeys.

1. Users who know that they want to find a specific company (search)

2. Users who want to browse the categories and sub categories of types of machinery in order to see what they might need (browse and filter)

3. Users who know the category of machinery they need and want to find the best supplier (browse and filter or search and filter)


Landing page 1

A landing page with a prominent search with placeholder suggestions and a full A-Z listing of top level categories was the initial solution, but it was concluded that users would find trawling through everything in the list tiring and cumbersome. The UI was cumbersome and would present problems on mobile screens.

Landing page 2

The second iteration landing page continue with the idea that a prominent search should be considered first.

Two futher options were included in the landing page.

1. An option to expand categories and browse A-Z

2. An option to be taken to a pre-filtered listing page showing all in the directory for the top level category


Sub category page

Users then click through to a list of sub category items, while maintaining the search option.

If users have taken a wrong turn, a table of contents offers them signposts to the three main categories.

Listing page

Finally, the user is presented with a listing page showing all the companies that fit the criteria of search, browse or signposts to pre-filtered results.